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For Love and Adventure : 2019 Couple’s Session Sale and General Travel Plans

Happy 2019 and welcome to a new and wonderful year! What better way to start off the new year then with a SALE! This blog post will also describe how you can take advantage of our upcoming travel destinations with this SALE offer. Past, current and future wedding clients - this sale is specifically for you!

Couple's Session at Mt. Rainier National Park

Let’s get right to it! This SALE is specifically for our wedding clients, both past, current and future. We are really sad when your wedding day is the last time we see you and we would love to be there for your one year anniversary, a fun adventure session and more! And for those of you who book us for your upcoming wedding – this SALE is a great option to save on your Engagement session, or a Day After session. But don’t delay because this SALE is only available for a limited time!

From now - February 28, 2019 our one-hour Couple’s Sessions are only $200 for past, current and future wedding clients. This means if you book us for your Wedding or Elopement, add a one-hour Couple’s Session (Engagement, Adventure Session, Day After, etc.) for only $200. And if we photographed your wedding and you are wanting a Couple’s Session (One Year Anniversary session, Couple’s Maternity Session, Adventure Session, etc.) this is a great chance to save $100 off these sessions! Limited to 2019 dates and locations available at time of booking. Please complete our 2019 Couple’s Session Inquiry Form to get in on this sale!

Couple's Session at Mt. Rainier National Park

What is an Adventure Session? You are right, I keep throwing this term out there without any context. In general, an Adventure Session with Myrtle Creative Co. includes hiking, more exploring and otherwise some form of physical exertion out of most everyday expectations. Too general? OK, here’s an example because your couple’s session of choice can be an Adventure Session if you want it to be – just let us know your preference!

A non-Adventure couples’ session might take place at a public park for instance such as Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, WA or Trojan Park in Prescott, OR – flat, level areas where we make a loop during your session walking around to different areas. Low physical exertion and usually include different ‘backdrops’ for your photos that we are walking between.

An Adventure Couple’s Session might take place in Mt. Rainier National Park or areas in the Gorge –include a hike, change in elevation and include backpacks and such for change of clothes, gear, etc. needed for your session. Some form of physical exertion and usually include an open vista or a specific destination (waterfall, etc.) that we are hiking to for photos.

We do use the term rather loosely but love it when you request an Adventure Session or specify and you do not want an Adventure Session. It really helps when it comes to location recommendations for you!

Couple's Session at Mt. Rainier National Park

Our upcoming travel plans for 2019 are still in the works but we do have some things confirmed and some other ‘dream’ locations that we would love to venture off to. One of our goals for this year is to leave ourselves enough room to be able to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities – hopefully! Below is our rough travel plans by month as they look so far, subject to change.

January – Western Arizona

February – Sedona + Phoenix area

March – Honestly up in the air but ends with us in Oregon. Contemplating Utah or Nevada. Would love to venture into New Mexico as well.

April – NW Oregon

May – First weekend in Kennewick, WA, Second weekend potentially Bend, OR, third weekend at the Oregon Coast and ending in NW Oregon.

June – First weekend potentially Mt. Rainier National Park, then NW Oregon, fourth weekend in Roseburg, OR, fifth weekend in Seattle, WA then to Kennewick, WA

July – NW Oregon

August – SW Washington and would love to go to NW Washington to the Olympic NF or the North Cascades NP.

September – NW Oregon

October – NW Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming

November – Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico

December – New Mexico, Texas

An example of what this means for you: If you want to take advantage of our current sale (must book a Couple’s Session by February 28th) and our travel plans, you could book your session for the third weekend in May when we are on the Oregon Coast for your dream beach session! No additional travel fees because we are already going to be there! Anytime we are in ‘NW Oregon’ that means we are happy to go to the Gorge, PDX areas, etc. also. Traveling this winter and coming to Arizona? Let us know! Would love to do your couple’s session in one of our favorite SW locations!

Couple's Session in Mt. Rainier National Park

In summary, here is the need to know information in order to get in on this sale and have your choice of location!

  • SALE: $200 for a one-hour Couple’s Session for past, current or future wedding clients.

  • Must confirm booking via 50% retainer by February 28, 2019

  • This SALE applies to any type of one-hour Couple’s Session (Engagement, One Year Anniversray, Day After, Couple’s Maternity, Adventure Session, In Home Session, etc.)

  • SALE limited to 2019 dates and locations available

  • You can book your $200 Couple’s Session while we are at an epic location and get an amazing experience without the travel fees all at our Sale price!!

  • Email me at annmarie@myrtlecreativeco.com with any questions and complete our 2019 Couple’s Session Sale Inquiry Form to get in on this sale!

We cannot wait to hang out with you and are so happy to be able to offer this extra deal to you! Cheers and we look forward to chatting soon!

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